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I’m currently at work on a sequel to Patrimony and Two-Hearted Crossing. It will take place primarily in northern Idaho, when Henri Morais’ widow, Claudia, travels from her home in Montreal to Platt City with her daughter and fourteen-year-old granddaughters. There she will meet her husband’s common-law wife, Ellen, his son, Ken, and daughter, Marie.

Ken, after eight years in the Marine Corps and fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, returns to his home intending to find a way to help other veterans adapt to a life without war. Marie, newly divorced, is uncertain about her future. Ellen initially resents Claudia’s presence in her home town, disrupting her busy life running her bakery. Claudia, who had devoted her life to Henri’s memory, is surprised to find romance once again.  But can she trust it? 



I’m also considering a sequel to Queenie's Place which will contain a lot of Queenie’s past. As an African-American child of the Jim Crow south, here are a few rules she grew up with: she couldn’t eat with white people; she was addressed only by her first name, never her last; if she rode in a truck with a white driver, she had to sit in the back, even in the rain, or the back seat of a car; she could never intimate that a white person was lying or impute dishonorable intentions to that person or suggest that person was from an inferior class; and she could never lay claim to or suggest superior knowledge. It goes without saying the justice system in those days was entirely white.


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PATRIMONY and TWO-HEARTED CROSSING now available for sale from book retailers in US and worldwide.


"A writer writes.  A writer feels guilty when not writing. The difference between an unpublished good writer and a published one is persistence."

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